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1-on-1 Virtual Skincare Sessions - Quarantine Edition!

Being stuck at home doesn’t have to be a terrible thing! It can mean more time to spend on self-care and ramping up your at-home skincare routine. Remember, achieving healthy skin is an on-going endeavor – quarantine or not.

In order to help you stay on track with your skincare, we are offering 30-minute video skincare consultations with your favorite Silver Mirror esthetician. Think of it as a fully dedicated and personalized skin session with your very own skincare guru.

Video consultations include the opportunity for you to talk about the current state of your skin, what skin goals you are trying to achieve, the opportunity to go through what you have in your skincare cabinet with an expert, and get general to specific skincare and product advice, care and tips and more!

Duration: 30 minutes each
Price: $30.00 per session
*All proceeds from each session go directly to our staff to support them while our shops remain closed.